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Introducing AAVE! Our Newest Crypto Listing

July 1st, 2021CoinFlip Team

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July 2021 Updates

Say hello to our 10th cryptocurrency listing: AAVE - now available for purchase at a CoinFlip ATM or through CoinFlip Preferred.  

More on our new listing and new locations below. Plus, must-read blogs and our campaign with actor Neil Patrick Harris.

Introducing AAVE!

Starting today, Thursday, July 1, CoinFlip customers can now purchase AAVE tokens at a CoinFlip ATM or through CoinFlip Preferred.

Aave is one of the most popular lending protocols in Decentralized Finance and allows people to lend or borrow crypto in exchange for earning or paying interest.

AAVE tokens are the native governance token of the Aave protocol and can now be purchased from CoinFlip. Purchasing AAVE tokens is much like buying shares of a company - it allows you to invest in the technology while having a say in its future.

Learn More About AAVE

Find Us in Alaska and New Mexico

CoinFlip has arrived in Alaska and New Mexico!

Alaskans can now buy ten cryptocurrencies with cash at three different CoinFlip locations across Anchorage!

Find us across New Mexico in Albuquerque, Española, and Las Cruces.

In total, CoinFlip installed 107 new ATMs across 31 states in June. In addition to the new locations in Alaska and New Mexico, we added new ATMs in California, Texas,  Arizona, and more.

Curious if there is now a more convenient CoinFlip ATM location for you? Use our ATM Locator below to find out!

Find Your Nearest CoinFlip ATM

Check out this month's must-read blogs:

Can Bitcoin Be Hacked? - How are bitcoins sometimes stolen? Find the answers to these questions on Bitcoin's hackability and more inside.

Coin vs. Token: What’s the Difference? - Learn the difference between coins and tokens to take your crypto knowledge to the next level.

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? CoinFlip Investigates - The true identity of Bitcoin's founder is crypto's greatest unsolved mystery. Here's what we know about Satoshi Nakamoto.

Crypto Is Cool With CoinFlip & NPH

Have you seen our latest campaign with actor Neil Patrick Harris? If not, you won't want to miss this.

Crypto Is Cool - CoinFlip and Neil Patrick Harris

What Is Ben up To?

This week, CoinFlip CEO and Co-Founder Ben Weiss joined Congressman Bill Foster and Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein to discuss cryptocurrency and the future of regulation in a virtual Axios event sponsored by CoinFlip.

Watch that conversation below.

Watch: A conversation on the future of cryptocurrency regulation

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