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Introducing the CoinFlip Wallet 

Designed for your ease, our self-custodial wallet streamlines sending and receiving crypto making purchasing crypto easier than ever.

Paired with our global ATM network, CoinFlip Wallet allows effortless transactions at any of our 5,000+ ATM locations

Easily locate nearby ATMs, pre-register for increased transaction limits, and manage all your crypto in one place.

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Why Use a CoinFlip Wallet

Enhanced ATM Experience

With CoinFlip Wallet, locating the nearest Bitcoin ATM is easier than ever. Enjoy boosted daily transaction limits by pre-registering on the app before your visit.

Your assets, Your Control

Rest assured knowing that your crypto is under your control. CoinFlip Wallet is self-custodial, putting you firmly in charge of your digital assets. 

Award Winning Customer Support

Our dedicated 24/7 LIVE support team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. 

Let's Begin Your Journey

Download CoinFlip Wallet now on iOS and take the first step towards seamless digital asset management. Your journey into the world of cryptocurrency starts here! 

Please note, the app is currently only available for IOS, but an Android version will be launching soon.   
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