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Invite a friend to register for free at and have them enter your name and phone number or email in the “referred by” field of the application.


Once your friend has completed their first transaction with CoinFlip Preferred, you'll receive $250 in BTC.


Refer again for an unlimited opportunity to earn rewards!

*CoinFlip Preferred Referral Program Terms and Conditions:
Existing CoinFlip Preferred customers (each a “Referrer”) can refer new customers to CoinFlip Preferred (each a “Referree”). The Referree will receive 50% off their first transactions’ fees and the Referrer will receive $250 worth of bitcoin. The Referree must 1) be a new customer meaning they have never completed a transaction through CoinFlip Preferred previously, 2) enter the name or email of the Referrer in the “referred by” field and the email address or phone number associated with the Referrer’s CoinFlip Preferred  account when performing their first transaction. A member of the CoinFlip Preferred eam will reach out to Referrers monthly to confirm the wallet address for the bitcoin disbursement. CoinFlip is not responsible for any information input incorrectly. There is no limit to how many new customers a Referrer can refer. This Referral Program is subject to modification or cancellation at any time without notice and at CoinFlip’s sole discretion.