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Looking to buy BTC, ETH, or another cryptocurrency? CoinFlip makes it simple! Use one of our bitcoin ATMs to buy crypto with cash, via bank transfer with CoinFlip Preferred, or host an ATM in your business to increase your earnings.   

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We make it easy to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

See how CoinFlip makes it easy to join the crypto revolution with convenient, simple crypto services.  
  • Buy crypto with cash: Our global network of 5,000+ ATMs make it easy to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All you need to get started is some cash, a smartphone, and a digital wallet! 
  • Buy crypto with bank transfer: Buy and sell crypto with wire transfers and personalized service through CoinFlip Preferred. Our over-the-counter service simplifies cryptocurrency by bringing you dedicated support, same-business day settlement, and diverse coin offerings. 
  • Host an ATM: Interested in earning extra income? CoinFlip pays you to host at your business. We handle everything from shipping to customer support to cash collections!