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Where Can I Use Cryptocurrency and Where Can I Buy Bitcoin with Cash Near Me?

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In the second decade of the 21st century, buying Bitcoin is a bit like buying precious metals – you want it as a part of your portfolio as an inflation hedge, but you probably aren't going to walk into a bodega and buy a bag of chips with gold bullion. However, while most stores wouldn't accept a one-ounce Gold American Eagle in exchange for goods and services, many retailers and service providers are accepting cryptocurrency.

Here are the ways cryptocurrencies are commonly used.

  • Money transfers. Transferring cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper than transmitting fiat currency – many altcoins were created especially for the purpose of engaging in monetary transfers. You can even cheaply transfer cryptocurrency while converting it into any currency you like – dollars, pounds, Euros, etc.

  • Purchases. While Bitcoin isn't accepted everywhere – yet – it is increasingly becoming a legitimate monetary alternative at many online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

  • Tipping. If you like a podcast, blog post, or online content and want to show your support and appreciation, send a Bitcoin tip! Sending a cryptocurrency tip is easy and cheap enough to make sending small amounts – even a few cents – feasible. The standard method for transmitting fiat money is so expensive that transaction fees would render a small exchange unaffordable.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin with Cash Near Me?

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