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Meet the CoinFlip Team Driving Our North American Fleet of Bitcoin ATMs

September 19th, 2023CoinFlip Team

From grocery stores, gas stations, to your favorite mom-and-pop businesses, bitcoin ATMs are popping up everywhere. In fact, CoinFlip is most known for our 4,500 bitcoin ATMs across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Panama, and Brazil.

What is a bitcoin ATM?

CoinFlip bitcoin ATMs are designed to provide a simple, safe, and secure way for anyone to purchase crypto with cash. All you need is cash and a smartphone where you can access a digital/crypto wallet.

Although bitcoin ATMs are like traditional automated teller machines, they aren’t the same.

Traditional ATMs allow bank customers to physically withdraw, deposit or transfer funds. Whereas bitcoin ATMs use blockchain based transactions that send cryptocurrencies to your digital wallet, often via a QR code. The blockchain is a technology network that maintains records and stores digital transactions.

Our bitcoin ATMs serve as physical branches for people to turn cash into bitcoin, and at some ATMs even bitcoin to cash. In addition to bitcoin, our bitcoin ATMs also offer a variety of coins and tokens for people to purchase. To find a CoinFlip bitcoin ATM near you, visit our bitcoin ATM locator.

You might be wondering, how does a bitcoin ATM work? Learn how with our handy guide to using a bitcoin ATM.

You can also check out quick videos on our bitcoin ATM info page.

Our USA ATM team ensures that operations run smoothly, develop relationships with our hosts, and discover new opportunities for growth.

The team recently spoke during our company’s FlipTalk – an open space for departments to get to know each other, share their experiences, offer career insights, explore upcoming priorities, and more.

Are you ready to meet some of our team behind it all? Check out our Q&A below:

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Olliv by CoinFlip?

A: My favorite part about working at CoinFlip is the authenticity, passion and energy our team brings to what we do on a daily basis.

Q: Your team is responsible for the success and growth of over 4,500 ATMs. What has been the most rewarding experience so far?

A: So far, the most rewarding thing is seeing our strategy play out and the passion to always innovate and evolve our business to maintain dominance in the market.

Q: You joined the company during its early stages with only a few employees. What has it been like growing with the company? How has it changed?

A: The early days were wild, there were a ton of sleepless nights, missed holidays, and quick meals but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The company has grown at an incredible rate and so has the talent, I’m really fortunate to work alongside a ton of talented individuals that all have their own perspectives and thought processes.

Q: What's the best advice you have for someone that is interested in working in fintech or at a startup?

A: Be fearless and bold, take calculated risks, and soak it all in because in the blink of an eye it’ll all change. Don’t forget the early days, and don’t forget the late nights. Stay true to that mentality and put in the work and you’ll be successful. Startup life isn’t for everyone, but you have to go into it thinking you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Starting something, shaping departments from scratch, seeing some of your systems and processes scale, people growing in their careers are the most rewarding parts of what I’ve done and continue to do.

Q: What are the benefits of using a crypto ATM?

A: Crypto ATMs are easy to use. You don’t have to be a blockchain expert or navigate complicated trading platforms to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. It's fast, secure and accessible to anyone regardless of crypto knowledge, giving everyone a chance to become their own bank.

Q: What coins and tokens can I purchase at your ATMs?

A: We’re excited to offer our customers a variety of coins and tokens. Here’s a few you can find at our ATMs:

Q: How has the company and the industry evolved since you first started here?

A: When I joined CoinFlip in the summer of 2018, there were less than 3,000 kiosks total in the US. At the time, CoinFlip had around 100 crypto ATMs in nine states. Now, there are over 30,000 kiosks across the US and CoinFlip has grown to over 4,500 ATMs across 49 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.

Q: What do you think the future of bitcoin ATMs will look like?

A: Crypto ATMs provide an easy-on-ramp to crypto. As more people start exploring crypto, I’m excited to see more bitcoin ATMs grow across the US and internationally. We want the global digital economy to be easily accessible to everyone everywhere.

Q: What is your favorite part about working directly with our hosts?

A: I would say the element of unpredictability, it is never a dull day working with our hosts. Interacting with them and their distinctive personalities and how each runs their own business very differently, leads to distinct experiences every time. While we strive to evaluate each scenario and anticipate outcomes, we sometimes need to adapt quickly to the circumstances and come up with a solution. This keeps our job challenging, which we love.

Q: How do our hosts benefit from featuring one of our ATMs?

A: The host gains several advantages by showcasing our ATMs. These machines generate passive income for the store by renting out a small area. Additionally, they attract our customers, boosting foot traffic and potentially increasing revenue through transactions. Ultimately, the ATMs introduce a fresh experience and exposure to a previously untapped audience for the host location!

Q: Does the team have plans to expand to new locations around the United States?

A: Yes, of course! We are always looking to expand. We plan to add at least an additional 500 machines in 2024.

Q: How can someone connect with the team if they are interested in hosting an ATM?

A: They can email [email protected] , [email protected] or fill out this form on the CoinFlip website: Host an ATM with CoinFlip

Q: What are some of your main priorities as the Director of Operations?

A: There are a lot of logistics in regard to our operations department including: operations of our crypto ATM supply chain, logistics, inventory, assembly, installation and maintenance of over 4,500 ATMs.

Q: As the company grew quickly, did you have to make any pivots to help optimize the business?

A: Making pivots to optimize our business has been the rule and not the exception as the company has grown. We always tell ourselves that we're a young company in an emerging market. We’ll never be able to hang our hat and say,"We completely figured out operations, let's kick back now". There's always a new challenge around the corner that our team is ready to solve.

Q: How do we help our hosts with marketing for the ATMs?

A: We love to help our hosts leverage marketing materials! In fact, we install marketing materials into their accounts to help them showcase our crypto ATM is in their store.

Q: Are there any upcoming trade shows or activations your crypto ATMs will be at?

A: Our team will be at the NACS Show 2023 in Atlanta Georgia. Make sure to stop by to learn more about crypto ATMs and our new digital platform, Olliv.

CoinFlip has helped process over 4.7 million transactions for more than 450,000 customers across nine markets. Our hard-working team looks forward to making the global digital economy easily accessible to everyone everywhere.

Want to find a bitcoin ATM near you? You can easily find one by visiting our bitcoin ATM locator page.

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