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How To Buy Bitcoin Online With a Debit Card

March 24th, 2021CoinFlip Team

Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. While one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin is by visiting your nearest Bitcoin ATM (which is essentially a vending machine for bitcoin), buying crypto online with your credit or debit card comes in as a close second. Today we're breaking down the process of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online at CoinFlip step by step. 

There are several things that any aspiring crypto investor will need before making their first purchase. If you are new to the crypto space, I highly recommend checking our Beginners Guide to Buying Crypto. In it, you will learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, how to pick a coin that is right for you, and setting up a digital wallet

Buy Cryptocurrencies with Debit Card Online

Olliv allows you to conveniently and safely buy bitcoin online through debit card or credit card! Olliv processes debit card payments in just a few simple steps. 

Olliv is a next-generation financial services platform powered by cryptocurrency that offers consumers a safe, inclusive, and supportive on-ramp to buy bitcoin with a debit card. It's free to sign up for an account using Olliv and it's free to create or add a self-custodial crypto wallet.

Thanks to Olliv, crypto buyers can choose from a range of coin listings -- including ones that are not necessarily available at our bitcoin ATMs.

To make your first transaction, you’ll need to set up your payment method. For added protection, Olliv partners with trusted payment integrations to enable secure and seamless payments. 

  1. Under Account settings click Profile.  

  2. Add your debit card information, hit Set up, and you’re ready to start buying.  

You can buy, sell, or swap the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to create your own wallet. 

  1. Give your wallet a name – so you can keep better track of it. Setting a wallet as your primary will make it your default account when buying or selling crypto.  

  2. You can also add other external wallets, just enter the seed phrases when prompted on the screen for verification.  

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