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CoinFlip Preferred Q & A: Meet CoinFlip Preferred Client Relationship Manager Adam L.

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Welcome to the new CoinFlip Preferred Q & A series! These blog posts will feature a one-on-one conversation with a CoinFlip Preferred manager about a variety of topics.

In this edition of the CoinFlip Preferred Q & A, we spoke with Adam L., an account manager on the CoinFlip Preferred team. We asked Adam to share his thoughts on the most important things to consider when you’re new to cryptocurrency.

Getting Started with Crypto

Q: For someone who is new to Crypto, how would you recommend they get started?

Familiarize yourself with the new terms. There is a learning curve when you first dive into crypto -- but once you understand the basics, the underlying concepts are easier to understand.

Second, you’ll want to find your go-to trusted source for information. There are so many different articles, YouTube videos, and websites with information about crypto, but it’s important to identify reputable sources if you want to educate yourself on this topic.

Q: What part of the crypto ecosystem excites you most?

Wow, that’s a tough one! With crypto, the possibilities are endless. But ultimately I’d have to say Financial Freedom. There are so many global stories where people have been able to challenge a corrupt system through the use of cryptocurrency. In Nigeria, they used BTC to help fuel the #EndSARS movement. Crypto really gives people control and accessibility to money without the interference of government or individual parties.

I'm also excited about NFTs and their utility, and even how the Metaverse has caught the attention of big business.

About CoinFlip Preferred

CoinFlip Preferred is a service that pairs customers with a Client Relationship Manager (like Adam!) to walk through the process of creating CoinFlip Preferred account and answer any questions about cryptocurrency transactions that may come up. CoinFlip Preferred managers work with clients to deliver competitive prices while avoiding the excessive fees that are typical of some competitors.

CoinFlip Preferred managers are available to take your calls Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm CT, and are also supported by an award-winning team of customer support specialists who are available 24/7.

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