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Earn $200 Credit When You Invite A Friend*

For every friend who joins Order Desk and transacts the qualifying amount, we’ll reward you $200 in credit, and the new user will earn a 10% discount on their first transaction’s fees.

*Terms and conditions below

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Get Rewarded in 3 Easy Steps

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Invite a friend to register for free at and enter your name and contact in the “referred by” field of the application.

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Get $200 in credit after your friend has transacted $15,000 or more with Order desk, who will earn 10% off transaction fees.



Refer again for an unlimited opportunity to earn rewards!

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Why invite people to Order Desk? Guide them past the complexities of crypto investments! We provide each client with dedicated support to capitalize on a global and borderless digital asset, whether that’s seamlessly buying, selling, and swapping crypto or scaling a portfolio with confidence.


Fintech leader with 300k+ satisfied customers worldwide

 Expert Guidance

Stay ahead of the market with specialized support

 Seamless Transactions

Same-business-day settlement

 No Hidden Fees

Zero signup fees, spreads or deposit costs, or charge to talk to an expert

 You’re in Control

We are not an exchange and never hold user funds.

*Order Desk Referral Program Terms and Conditions: Effective: 7/28/23 Existing Order Desk customers (each a “Referrer”) can refer new customers to Order Desk (each a “Referee”). If a Referee enters the Referrer’s name and transacts more than $15,000, the Referee will receive 10% off their transaction fees and the Referrer will receive a $200 credit towards future transaction fees. The Referee must 1) be a new customer meaning they have never completed a transaction through Order Desk previously, 2) enter the name of the Referrer in the “referred by” field and the email address or phone number associated with the Referrer’s Order Desk account when performing their first transaction. CoinFlip is not responsible for any information input incorrectly. The credit only applies to Order Desk transactions, not CoinFlip kiosk transactions. There is no limit to how many new customers a Referrer can refer. These Referral Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at CoinFlip’s sole discretion.