November/December Newsletter

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CoinFlip Team
CoinFlip Team

Happy December, Flip Gang! It’s been another crazy month here at CoinFlip. Where are all our damn chairs? We’ve been narrowing down the list of causes and it might have something to do with our rapid expansion! We have broken our record day in sales, took a peak at number one in the world, added over 40 new ATMs in the past month, and hired 4 new employees; we’re starting to think these rogue chairs are a good problem to have.

While some members of the team were busy solving the Great Chair Shortage of 2019, others were busy getting their passports stamped and filling their social medias with antics from Las Vegas, California, and Singapore. We were fortunate enough to create some great friendships and memories throughout the month.

We shared drinks and conversation with some traditional ATM folks at the National ATM Conference in Las Vegas, came back 2 weeks later to have a toast with our friends from the Crypto Campfire Podcast at the Litecoin Summit, and then jumped on a plane to San Francisco for a Tron fiesta. We capped off our travels in Singapore, where we caught up with CZ and our buds at Binance at CoinMarketCap’s Capital Conference.

As far as partnerships go, we teamed up with BlockFi to push crypto loans to the masses, and also have integrated our map into BRD Wallet! We plan to keep pushing retail adoption by partnering with the highest-caliber names in the industry.

The year is soon coming to a close, and we couldn't be more grateful for everyone we’ve met along the way. November is a month dedicated to being thankful, and we are super thankful for this community.

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, CoinFlip is here to help with our 12 days of Giveaways! Be sure you're following us on social media (@coinflipatm) to get first dibs. We also have a lot of big projects in the works, so follow us to be in the loop!

Please send us an email at if you have chairs for us.

Until next month,

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Joey Prebys