Cryptocurrency ATMs: CoinFlip Offers Better Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

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CoinFlip Team
CoinFlip Team

If you're privacy-conscious, Bitcoin ATMs offer a secure system for purchasing Bitcoin and other altcoins with cash. CoinFlip offers better ways to buy Bitcoin with cash, with secure ATM terminals conveniently located throughout the U.S.

Why buy Bitcoin with cash?

  • It's more private. While all legitimate cash Bitcoin sellers will require some form of identity verification, if you buy a relatively small amount you won't have to reveal your most vulnerable information.

  • You won't have to worry about paying off your credit card. If you buy Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) with a credit card, it's important that you pay the balance off at the end of the billing cycle to avoid difficulties with cryptocurrency volatility.

  • Many exchanges don't accept credit cards. The vast majority of exchanges will accept Visa and Mastercard; fewer accept American Express, and many that do charge additional fees. Additionally, large banks are beginning to disallow cryptocurrency purchases with their credit cards, including – but not limited to – Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo.

Buying Bitcoin with cash can be a risky proposition if you rely upon peer-to-peer private exchange. CoinFlip offers better ways to buy Bitcoin with cash, using a safe and reliable ATM terminal.

CoinFlip ATM terminals are easy to use if you have a cryptocurrency wallet – if you've ever successfully used a standard ATM, you can use a CoinFlip ATM. For amounts under $900, you'll need to input your cell phone number and first and last name. (For larger amounts, you'll have to register by scanning your state-issued ID and taking a photo using the ATM camera.) Once you've registered, just scan your crypto wallet QR code into the embedded scanner, insert the cash, and follow the prompts. The Bitcoin will appear in your wallet after only a few minutes.

You can also use two-way CoinFlip ATM terminals to sell your cryptocurrency. Once you press the "Sell" icon, enter the amount you'd like to receive, retrieve the printed voucher, transfer the amount of cryptocurrency to the address on the voucher, wait for the confirmation, and receive the cash.

CoinFlip offers better ways to buy Bitcoin with cash – simply visit CoinFlip.Tech to learn which CoinFlip ATM location is most convenient to you. CoinFlip offers investors a secure, fast, and reliable resource for purchasing and exchanging cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Tron, Dash, and more.

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Joey Prebys
Joey Prebys
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Are Bitcoin ATMs Safe?

A Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (ATM) helps people easily and quickly buy and sell cryptocurrency with cash. Bitcoin ATMs have been popping up worldwide to make cryptocurrency accessible to individuals who are unbanked and do not have the credit/debit cards required to purchase crypto online. Are Bitcoin ATMs safe? A simple answer: yes. We believe using a Bitcoin ATM is the safest way to buy cryptocurrency using cash.

Joey Prebys
Joey Prebys