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Weekly Flip Thru: Would You Get Paid in Bitcoin?

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Big News From CoinFlip!

It's been quite an exciting week at CoinFlip HQ, with two major milestones achieved!

  • We now have over 2,000 CoinFlip ATMs nationwide!

  • We expanded into Washington state!

Thank you to our hosts, community, and the CoinFlip team for helping to make these milestones possible! We will continue expanding bitcoin adoption by creating quick and easy access to crypto.

The Sacramento Kings will offer BTC as a payment option to all players and coaches according to a statement by the team's owner, Vivek Ranadivé, on Monday. If this happens, The Kings would be the first major pro sports franchise in the US to offer crypto payments.

Would You Get Paid in Bitcoin?

While they will be the first sports franchise, The Kings will not be the first US employer to consider offering BTC payments. Earlier this year, City of Miami officials passed a resolution by Mayor Suarez that allows city employees to be paid in bitcoin — giving Miami workers the option of receiving some or all of their salary in BTC.

Last December, Russell Okung, a player for the NFL's Carolina Panthers, began converting half of his salary into Bitcoin. Since then, Bitcoin has been quite bullish and Okung's $6.5 million BTC investment has more than doubled in value.

All this talk of BTC paychecks has got me thinking - is getting paid in bitcoin worth it? While there is the opportunity for big gains, bitcoin's price volatility could also lead to losses. Plus, for most people, paychecks are necessary for paying bills. As of now, utility companies and debt collectors don't accept bitcoin as payment. Would you be interested in getting paid in bitcoin? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know on Twitter!

Where Does Bitcoin's Value Come From?

If you've begun to dip your toes into the world of bitcoin, you've probably wondered how it has any value.

Over the last year, bitcoin's value has increased from $7,297 to around $58,000 today - that's an increase of more than 760%!

How did bitcoin achieve this growth? Where does the value come from? Is BTC's value real? Check out our latest blog post that explains exactly where bitcoin's value comes from and more.

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