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Top 10 Celebrities Keen on Crypto in 2021

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*This article was originally written on April 9, 2021, and updated on June 15, 2021, to reflect current information.*

Over the last year, all eyes have been on bitcoin as it has skyrocketed in value by 700%. A bullish bitcoin means there is no shortage of public figures who are embracing crypto investments. 

At CoinFlip, we love crypto because it creates easily accessible investment avenues for the general public. For the first time, celebrities and ordinary people have an equal entry point to experiencing the benefits of decentralized finance. Bitcoin is for everyone despite your social status. Still, you may be surprised to find which public personalities support the bitcoin revolution and are keen on crypto for more than just a profitable investment strategy. 

Below, find ten celebrities who have publicly declared their love for crypto and have been reaping the rewards of bitcoin's most bullish year. 

Top 10 Celebrities Bullish on Bitcoin

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Neil Patrick Harris

Actor Neil Patrick Harris is a long-term crypto-investor that has recently teamed up with CoinFlip to help make cryptocurrency more accessible by educating the public about the ease of participating using the cash they have on hand. 

"Cryptocurrency is the future of how we shop, invest, and do business, but it can also be incredibly technical and intimidating. I prefer my transactions to be simple and to the point," said Neil Patrick Harris. "It's why I joined forces with CoinFlip – their ATMs make it so anyone can turn their cash into a significant investment opportunity with a great return. I'm pleased to partner with them and spread the word about how their ATMs and online buying and selling services work so more people can have access to the exciting world of cryptocurrency." Check out NPH convert his $20 bill to crypto with CoinFlp 👇

Paris Hilton

Successful businesswoman, socialite, and former reality TV star Paris Hilton has been involved in the crypto space since at least 2017 when she tweeted about participating in an ICO. Currently, Hilton's profile picture on Twitter includes laser eyes - a meme in the crypto community that indicates laser focus on getting bitcoin to $100K. It comes as no surprise that Hilton wants to see BTC go to the moon; after all, she did admit being a long-time investor in a recent interview with CNBC. According to Hilton, bitcoin is "definitely the future." CoinFlip's CEO and Co-Founder Ben Weiss discussed Bitcoin with Miss Hilton at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami (pictured above).


Maisie Williams 

In November 2020, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams asked whether she should "go long on bitcoin" via Twitter poll. The poll, which caused an onslaught of hilarious GOT-themed crypto memes, received more than 900K votes, with more than half of voters advising against it. Fortunately for Williams, her following tweet reported that she decided to buy some anyway. Since November, BTC's price has more than tripled! I'm sure Williams is not regretting going against her fans and entering the bitcoin market. 

Kanye West

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast in October 2020, billionaire rap mogul Kanye West voiced his support of Bitcoin. West believes those in the bitcoin and crypto community are geniuses and have perspective on the "true liberation of America and humanity." In true Kanye fashion, he elaborated that people who use bitcoin have used "new information highways' to create 'the next frontier of our existence.' Whether or not West has invested in BTC himself is not clear, but based on this interview, it appears he is quite keen on crypto indeed.

Snoop Dogg

In a hilariously relevant move, rapper Snoop Dogg has been quite vocal about his support of Dogecoin in the last few months, sharing his fair share of Doge memes on Twitter. Snoop has also admitted to being bullish on bitcoin in a recent interview with Vanity Fair - asserting his confidence in blockchain technology and bitcoin's staying power as a global currency. 

Donald Glover

Back in 2013, actor Donald Glover, AKA rapper Childish Gambino, told Time Magainze that he expected bitcoins to be the wave of the future. He said, "being backed by gold seems very old and nostalgic to me. Being backed to a bitcoin, which takes time to actually make, and there's this equation that has to be done, that feels realer to me and makes more sense." Glover has been quiet on the topic recently, but if he had invested in bitcoin in 2013, his investment would have grown by more than 8,000%!

Joe Rogan 

In July of 2020, Joe Rogan spent the first few minutes of one of his podcast episodes telling his 200 million listeners to buy bitcoin. Sure, the segment was just an advertisement for CashApp, but Rogan has been genuinely bullish on bitcoin in the past. In a 2016 episode of his podcast, he expressed his optimistic views towards Bitcoin, stating, "I'm all in, I'm on team Bitcoin."

Michelle Phan

Beauty industry mogul and YouTuber Michelle Phan has been using her platform to promote financial freedom through bitcoin to her loyal fanbase. Her motivation is to inspire her primarily female audience to seek financial sovereignty and build their savings with crypto. In the spirit of promoting widespread adoption, Phan has heavily invested in the bitcoin rewards company Lolli. Like Paris Hilton, Phan also sports laser eyes in her Twitter profile picture, and her profile simply reads "#bitcoin."

Dave Portnoy 

This one may count more as a celeb that is salty about crypto. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portney invested in Bitcoin in August of 2020 after his neighbors, the crypto-enthusiast Winklevoss twins, walked him through the process. Sadly for Portnoy, he sold it in a panic two weeks later when bitcoin's price dipped, losing $25,000. Since then, Portnoy has sworn off ever buying crypto again, despite Bitcoin's current price near $60,000. 

Casey Neistat

Prominent Youtuber and entrepreneur Casey Neistat is bullish on bitcoin and ethereum. In November of 2020, he shared a tweet stating that he bought ETH in 2017 when it was just $40. Today, Ether is valued at around $2,077, meaning that Neistat is up more than 5,000%! In a subsequent tweet, the Youtuber also admitted to trying his hand at BTC mining but had to shut the operation down because "it sounded like I had a dozen lawnmowers running 24/7 and it yielded more heat than the lava on Mustafar." Like Michelle Phan, Neistat is also an investor in the BTC rewards company Lolli. 

Ben Askren 

MMA legend and old medal olympian Ben Askren, AKA "Funky," is one of bitcoin's biggest supporters, claiming that it is "a million times better than gold." Askren is the host of the Funky Crypto podcast, where he and John Kim set out to educate the people on all things crypto. Perhaps Askren's most exciting involvement in the crypto community (at least to us) is that CoinFlip sponsors him! On April 17, 2021, the bitcoin boxer himself repped BTC and CoinFlip as he took on Jake Paul.