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October 2021 Updates

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October 2021 Updates

  • A six-month update on CoinFlip's sustainability commitment 

  • New CoinFlip ATM locations

  • Denver area folks won't want to miss this month's location spotlight!

  • October's collection of must-read blogs

  • CoinFlip's CEO shares one of his favorite reads

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7,612 Trees and Counting!

It has been six months since CoinFlip committed to donating one tree per new ATM placement as part of our ongoing Earth Day 2021 initiatives

Since then, we have installed more than 965 ATMs across the country.

With our initial donation of 6,647 trees in April, we have officially helped to plant 7,612 trees and counting in 2021.

New Locations

New CoinFlip ATM Locations

CoinFlip installed 147 new Bitcoin ATMs in September! 

Curious if there is now a more convenient CoinFlip ATM location for you? Use our ATM Locator to find out!

ATM Location Spotlight

South Philly Cheese Steaks in Cherry Hills Village, CO

If you're in the Denver area, the South Philly Cheese Steaks on Hampden Ave is your one-stop-shop for cheesesteaks, wings, hoagies, and crypto! 

This South Philly Cheese Steak location is owned by a husband and wife duo who believe that cryptocurrency levels the playing field for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. 

They are happy to be providing their community with secure access to the financial freedom cryptocurrency offers through their CoinFlip ATM in addition to some of the finest cheesesteaks in Denver.

Check out South Philly Cheese Steaks on Facebook!


Check out this month's must-read blogs.

How Inflation Worsens Economic Inequality (and How Bitcoin Can Help) - Inflation is on the rise in the United States, leading to greater economic inequality, but Bitcoin presents a promising solution. 

Get 'Em While They're Hot: 3 Tips for Entering the NFT Market - From punks to penguins to apes, NFT communities are blowing up. What is happening, and why are these digital art communities so popular with investors? CoinFlip explains.

What is Proof of Stake, and how does it differ from Proof of Work? - Proof of Stake (PoS) is an alternative to the energy-intensive Proof of Work consensus mechanism that selects blockchain transaction validators based on economic stake.

What Is Ben Up To?

Have you ever wondered what CoinFlip CEO and Co-Founder Ben Weiss does when he isn't busy running Chicago's fastest-growing company? In his free time, Ben is quite the reader. 

This week, he took to social media to share one of his all-time-favorite reads: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.  

Tweet from Ben Weiss

Sapiens is a unique telling of what it means to be human and explores our understanding of gods, states, money, and human rights. 

Follow Ben on social media for more book recommendations and stay up to date with the latest crypto industry trends. 

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