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Weekly Flip Thru: May 2021 Updates

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This week's Flip Thru focuses on all things CoinFlip. Read on to find the results of our Earth Day 2021 initiatives, our new ATM locations, and what the CoinFlip CEO has been up to.

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Earth Day 2021 Updates

A few weeks ago, we committed to donating one tree per ATM transaction carried out on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

Thanks to the help of our loyal customers, we have donated 6,647 trees to be planted by Earth Day's Canopy Project!

We are so excited to be helping the Canopy Project with their goal of responsible reforestation. Thank you to all that participated!

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New CoinFlip ATM Locations

CoinFlip installed 220 new Bitcoin ATMs across 32 states! This includes 42 new locations in Washington, 25 in Texas, 18 in New Jersey, and many more across the country.

As part of our ongoing Earth Day 2021 initiatives, we are committed to planting one tree per new ATM placement. We are excited to be planting an additional 220 trees this month with the Canopy Project.

Curious if there is now a more convenient CoinFlip ATM location? Use our ATM Locator below to find out!


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What Is Ben Up To?

This week, CoinFlip CEO and Co-Founder Ben Weiss joined The Taxgirl Podcast to discuss NFTs and the tax implications of using an NFT marketplace.

Listen to their conversation here.

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