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Location Spotlight: Beneath the Surface Tattoo - Las Vegas, NV

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When a Las Vegas-based tattoo shop owner got fed up with the high fees associated with traditional banking, he decided to incorporate a more decentralized and immutable payment method - Bitcoin.

This week, we're shining a light on one of our most unique CoinFlip ATM host locations - Beneath the Surface Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

About Beneath the Surface Tattoos

Beneath the Surface is a Las Vegas tattoo studio that specializes in custom, exclusive tattoos. Known for its relaxed, professional, and welcoming atmosphere, Beneath the Surface is the place to go for just about any type of tattoo you're looking for, including some seriously impressive portraits. 

In addition to providing the Las Vegas area with some incredible artists, Beneath the Surfaces also accepts crypto payments and hosts a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM for easy crypto access.

What cryptocurrencies does Beneath the Surface accept?

Why did Beneath the Surface decide to start accepting crypto payments?

According to the shop's co-owner GabeReal, because of high transaction costs! According to him, a few bad actors had disputed their credit card charges to Beneath the Surface, and the artists weren't getting paid for their work. As a major proponent of Bitcoin for its ability to create financial freedom away from banks, GabeReal knew that crypto was the perfect solution for this problem because cryptocurrency transactions are immutable, which means they cannot be reversed. 

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Instagram: @BTStattoos

Twitter: @BTSTattoo


Phone: (702) 651-8282

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