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June 2021 Updates - Weekly Flip Thru

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June 2021 Updates

This week we are focusing on all things CoinFlip. Read on to learn about CoinFlip's presence at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, our new ATM locations, and what the CoinFlip CEO has been up to.

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Meet Us in Miami

The CoinFlip team is headed to Miami this weekend to attend the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. CoinFlip is an official sponsor of the conference and will have three ATMs on-site.

Will you be at Bitcoin 2021? Be sure to stop by Booth 110 to say hello and grab some CoinFlip swag!

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New CoinFlip ATM Locations

CoinFlip installed 68 new Bitcoin ATMs across 32 states! This includes 13 new locations in Washington, 9 in Illinois, 6 in Georgia, and many more across the country.

As part of our ongoing Earth Day 2021 initiatives, we are committed to planting one tree per new ATM placement. We are excited to be planting 68 trees this month with the Canopy Project.

Curious if there is now a more convenient CoinFlip ATM location? Use our ATM Locator below to find out!

Find Your Closest CoinFlip ATM

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The 5 Biggest Bitcoin Blunders of All Time - As revolutionary as bitcoin is, its history is still littered with plenty of mistakes and bad decisions. In honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day, here are five of the biggest bitcoin blunders of all time.

Cryptocurrency Explained: Dogecoin - What is Dogecoin, and what's with all the hype? Is it a worthwhile investment or just a fleeting fad? CoinFlip answers the most pressing DOGE questions.

What Is Ben Up To? 

Last week, CoinFlip CEO and Co-Founder Ben Weiss joined The Crypto Current Podcast to discuss why CoinFlip is the world's leading Bitcoin ATM operator.

Listen to that conversation here.

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Be sure to follow Ben on social media to stay informed on the latest industry insights.

Twitter: @BenCoinFlip

Instagram: @bencoinflip

Clubhouse: @bencoinflip

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