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Give Back this Holiday Season with CoinFlip and Accion

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Want to make a difference this holiday season? Join CoinFlip in supporting small businesses with Accion! From December 11-25, use code "ACCION20" when using a CoinFlip ATM, and we will donate 100% of your transaction fees to help Accion support small businesses through the pandemic.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for small businesses. It seems as though every other day, we hear of another beloved local company permanently closing its doors due to financial struggles brought on by the virus. In Illinois, CoinFlip's home state, more than one in three small businesses have permanently closed since January. 

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and employ nearly half of the private sector workforce and an even larger percentage in many underserved communities. They also provide essential goods and services to communities that are not served by larger companies.

This is why we've decided to partner with Accion this holiday season. Accion is a nonprofit that helps neighborhood entrepreneurs grow by providing capital, coaching, and connections to entrepreneurs in underserved communities throughout Illinois and Indiana.

This year alone, they have served over 13,000 entrepreneurs with more than $114 million in assistance as part of their COVID-19 emergency capital program administration. Accion continues to work hard to help entrepreneurs survive the pandemic and need your help in this work.

Promoting financial inclusivity and empowering underserved communities is at the heart of CoinFlip and is the reason we decided to pursue this partnership with Accion. 

To learn more about Accion and its work, visit their website and read their 2019 Annual Report.

Give back to the community this holiday season by using code "ACCION20" at your nearest CoinFlip ATM from December 11-25 to donate 100% of your transaction fees to help small businesses with Accion.