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CoinFlip Rebrand

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We have updated our logo to a fresh new look.

As a company, we are always innovating and striving for growth, and as we placed our 1,000th ATM we decided it was time to update our previous logo of the last five years.

CoinFlip Header 2020

The new logo embodies the personal growth of CoinFlip in 2020 as well as a bright outlook for the future as we look to add more services and plan on going international. CoinFlip has reached 1,000 ATMs this year and is on track to hire over 100 employees in order to maintain our top-level customer service for our growing customer base. CoinFlip has also branched out from our standard Bitcoin ATM service and has started offering bank transfers as well as gift cards. We are looking to achieve more and this is made possible through our loyal customers and fans. Thank you!