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CoinFlip Announces Bitcoin ATMs in Canada as Part of International Expansion

June 16th, 2022CoinFlip Team

Ever wondered how to buy bitcoin in Canada? Well, wonder no more. CoinFlip has gone international! We’re thrilled to announce that customers in Ontario and British Columbia will be able to convert cash into bitcoin and litecoin with other cryptocurrencies soon to follow at ATM installations in these regions.

CoinFlip’s Expansion into Canada Comes as Crypto Adoption Rises across North America

The Canadian crypto market is increasingly robust, as more and more businesses are accepting crypto as a form of payment. In fact, Canada was actually home to the world’s first bitcoin ATM! CoinFlip’s products can help address this financial shift.

“I’m thrilled to see CoinFlip expand into Canada and help make crypto transactions easier for everyone,” said Kris Dayrit, a co-founder of CoinFlip. “Canada is a tremendous market for growth and we look forward to working with retailers and businesses in the country to help them adopt cryptocurrency as a part of their business and customer acquisition strategy. I’m excited for our first ATMs in Toronto and to continue to grow throughout the country and around the globe.”

In April 2022, The Bank of Canada published a staff discussion paper that included stats on crypto’s increasingly stable reputation among Canadians. In successive surveys conducted since 2018, the Bank found that about 90% of Canadians had heard of cryptocurrency, while 5% of Canadians owned some .

The report also asked Canadian bitcoin owners their primary reason for owning the cryptocurrency:

“In 2019, Canadians cited investment as the most common reason (39% of owners) for owning bitcoin, followed by technology (31% of owners), payments (15% of owners) and anonymity/trust (15% of owners).”

How CoinFlip’s Network Can Bolster Canada’s Crypto Market

Canadian customers can use the CoinFlip ATM locator online to find new locations in British Columbia, Toronto, and across North America as they become available. And since we’re now a proud part of the landscape for crypto ATMs in Canada, we’re inviting both U.S. and Canada-based crypto enthusiasts to celebrate our expansion with a discount on their next ATM transaction.

We’ll be sharing news about our continued growth — and additional services like CoinFlip Preferred — soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest international expansion news and other updates from CoinFlip!

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