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6 Reasons To Consider Buying and Selling Crypto With Order Desk

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With so many different options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, choosing which method will be the best for you can be tricky. If the long onboarding processes of exchanges aren’t your thing and you have no interest in converting cash to cryptocurrency at a Bitcoin ATM, then using our crypto Order Desk might be the choice for you.

Below, find six reasons why you should consider buying and selling crypto with Order Desk. 

1. You are a crypto beginner

Using Order Desk is an excellent option for crypto beginners to enter the crypto market. The peer-to-peer nature of using a cryptocurrency order desk offers personalized support that cannot be found through using a cryptocurrency exchange.

Among the most beginner-friendly over-the-counter crypto services currently available is CoinFlip Order Desk. With this service, CoinFlip pairs you with an industry expert client relationship manager, ready to answer any questions you may have on your crypto buying journey. 

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2. You enjoy low, transparent fees

Let’s face it. No one actually enjoys paying fees, but it is a necessary evil when it comes to transacting with fiat currencies for crypto. What is not a necessary evil, however, is charging hidden fees! Did you know that many exchanges often charge hidden fees on crypto transactions through the use of spreads? It’s true. They sell you crypto at prices higher than market value and pocket the difference. 

CoinFlip’s Order Desk, on the other hand, promises low, transparent fees always. Fees can be as low as 0.5% based on the amount of your transaction with CoinFlip Order Desk. Fees increase for smaller transactions. Order Desk never uses spreads and always makes transactions at market value.

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3. You want instant ownership of your crypto

Personalized service while buying and selling crypto means that all transactions are made directly from peer-to-peer. Once Order Desk has received the funds during a transaction, your crypto is immediately sent to your personal wallet, giving you immediate ownership of your coins or tokens.  

However, when purchasing through an exchange, your crypto is typically sent to a wallet hosted by that exchange. You have to transfer the funds to your personal crypto wallet manually. For the duration of time that your crypto sits in an exchange-hosted wallet, those assets are technically in the custody of the exchange as you do not own the keys to that wallet; the exchange does. If that platform is hacked or compromised in some way, you could lose your crypto. 

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4. You are looking to diversify your portfolio

Modern portfolio theory recommends investing in multiple types of assets to help reduce risk. This includes investing in traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, in addition to investing in digital assets like cryptocurrencies. The same principle applies to cryptocurrency portfolios; investing in more than one crypto asset can help to mitigate the impacts of market volatility. 

With CoinFlip Order Desk, you can choose from more than 20 different cryptocurrencies to buy and sell -- that is more than twice as many that are available on our ATMs. Order Desk makes it easy to diversify your overall investment portfolio and your crypto portfolio.

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5. You want to buy and sell crypto from the comfort of your home

Despite being referred to as a desk, transactions are not actually made at a physical location like a counter or a desk. Transfers are made to and from your bank account and crypto wallet totally online. This means you can buy and sell cryptocurrency from wherever you are, including the comfort of your couch. 

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6. You prefer no limits

Unlike using an exchange or ATM, there are fewer limits to the amount of cryptocurrency you can purchase through Order Desk. Furthermore, some services require minimum buys of 20 BTC or higher to start transacting; CoinFlip Order Desk has no minimums or maximums to the amount you can buy or sell, allowing investors at all levels to enjoy the benefits of Order Desk.  

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What is CoinFlip Order Desk?

Order Desk is CoinFlip’s personalized crypto buying and selling experience that pairs you with a personal client relationship manager to help you through the onboarding process and answer any questions. Our managers ensure that you are always getting competitive prices and avoiding the unnecessary fees charged by our competitors. 

In addition to a personalized account manager, Order Desk clients have access to CoinFlip’s award-winning 24/7 customer support. 

Register for Order Desk today to start buying and selling crypto with one of the leading names in the crypto space.